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If you simply think that ADDIE Must Die, and you're not alone, then you'll be encouraged by what David Grebow has to say - October 17, 2012
If you want to defend GAMES as a laudable learning strategy, you need to be able to explain how the fun of games links to the essentials of effective learning design. 
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Software created to facilitate anytime, any place, any pace access to learning content. This presentation helps you learn more about the systems used to administer, manage and deliver user learning interventions.
The competitive battlefront occurs in the more effective use of intangible assets, or more specifically people.
You need to understand when training is or is not the solution to the problem, here's how.
This presentation addresses how the changes in the work environment impact your students once they leave your workshop or eLearning session and what you can do about it.  The effective use of simple technologies provide a systematic way to repetitively reinforce your message.
This presentation addresses Mobile Learning, why mobile learning is important, where it fits best in your learning strategy, and why it's important to seriously consider.
Great insight on how to identify and deal with people looking to undermine your meeting - posted by Seth Godin - always insightful and good reading.
I've found an article that may help those of you who are looking to gain momentum and improve results by developing powerful relationships with influencers that can make things happen for you.
What are they?  Authors, Jack and Suzy Welch believe that the single largest roadblock keeping companies from being effective lies with Leadership. If you're doing Leadership training you'll want to read this.
We all work with Subject Matter Experts when researching and designing our training courses.  Though we are happy to work with those with real expertise we know, through experience, that there are challenges associated with this part of learning design.
There is so much emphasis on Engagement today that many in the training field believe that Training and Learning are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Easy to be fooled though, as the software giants put all their money and advertising on "Front-End" training systems.  Learning:  See how the brain retains and applies knowledge.

It's easy to forget that Training as a System is a four part process.  Part One: Content Design - Part Two: Delivery, whether class, eLearn, mLearn.  Part Three:  Retention - employees learning what you need them to know.  Part Four:  Tracking & Reporting - individualized reports on what each person knows & doesn't know.