ATD-IE Board of Directors

President:  Chris Hornibrook                                Director of Programs:  Cynthia Herpin

Member-at-Large:  Charles Radney

Mission: ATD - I.E. is dedicated to delivering value via our newsletter, monthly meetings and workshops critical to today's training and development professional. The topics we address are focused on subjects selected by our members and in many cases provided by our chapter or national members. We also rely on subject matter experts, authors, and speakers that have depth of expertise in subjects of interest to our membership. It is our hope that our programs show participants the opportunities available for expanding their careers and bringing more value to their organizations.

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Membership Information

Regular Membership New Member $55 (1 time $10 processing fee) ----- Renewing Member $45

Student Membership New Member $40 (1 time $10 processing fee) ----- Renewing Member $30

Senior Membership New Member (62+) $40 ($10 processing fee) ------- Renewing Member $30

Corporate Members 
(5 +pay no processing fees) New Members $55 -----------------------------Renewing Members $45

Membership and Meeting Payments

Chapter Fees