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ATD Inland Empire Chapter:   Our purpose is to provide our members with opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally. Through our workshops, monthly events, and publications we seek to deliver to our members and affiliates access to the leading information on the latest practices, technology, and best-in-class applications.   Our success depends on our ability to continue to attract and retain top quality members and supporters that provide the foundation to continually deliver a quality chapter experience.  We've decided to keep these topics on our Home page as we've seen continuous interest and feel that considering the times and the changing landscape relevance remains............Continue to enjoy

5 Ways to Succeed in any economy.
8 Beliefs That Make You More Resilient In Tough Times 
Say what you want about  E-Learning and M-Learning but there is an unmistakable vertical trendline with regard to the design, direction, and development of the product.  We're here to help you take a look at some of the latest news, sift though the facts and determine what works for you.
There is a rise in Mobile or "On-Demand" learning.  Download what Bersin & Associates have to say and stay up on this not so new but rising start in the training arsenal.    Document
On the Brink with Mobile.  See what Allison Rossett thinks is happening with Mobile Learning.   She has found when learning leaders call in search of talent, they seek someone with mobile experience. It’s not first on their list, but appears near the top.   Document
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 Click on graphic for downloadable article.
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